Know your planet now, come on!

The future of our world is uncertain, and the health of our planet is getting worse. As the youth generation with minds focused on the internet and mobile phones, it is our responsibility to not forget the nature around us. This course is a journey that (literally!) takes you into the wild to explore the species that await us out there. These days when growing cities, decreasing biodiversity and green energy become increasingly hot topics, there is a higher than ever demand on an understanding of the nature that surrounds us.

Swedish flora and fauna is all about the small details and the big picture. It is important to remember all the progress that has been made in understanding the nature by all the Swedish scientists who eagerly continued in the footsteps of Carl von Linné. He is the father of taxonomy, and one of Uppsala’s most famous scientists of all time.

What is your first thought when you hear ”Swedish nature”? People have very different pictures of Sweden, and depending on who you ask they can answer anything from polar bears to searching for mushrooms. The aim of this Summer Course is to gather, learn and discuss Swedish flora and fauna so that we can understand our surroundings better and learn its interesting facts.

Students need to be prepared for the future. If YOU want to know for example where to find the BEST berries for your pie or how to hunt your own moose – then apply to our awesome Summer Course 2016! We promise that it’s gonna be the BEST way to spend a week in June just around Sweden’s Midsummer celebrations, and your chance to totally break free from your normal life! If you’re enthusiastic about nature and wish to party Swedish style, APPLY!

Know your planet now, come on!

Application opens on the 21st of February at